G-Shock & Baby-G Summer Lover’s Collection 2021: SLV-21A-7A and SLV-21B-2

G-Shock and Baby-G Summer Lover's Collection 2021 SLV-21A-7A and SLV-21B-2

Casio is releasing two limited edition Summer Lover’s Collection 2021 sets throughout Asia. Each set includes a matching G-Shock and Baby-G watch with translucent bezels and bands that resemble frosted sea glass. The ocean-themed watches come in special packaging made of shimmering blue paper.

Summer Lover's Collection 2021 Box

SLV-21A-7A: This set includes a G-Shock GA-110 and a Baby-G BA-110 with white skeleton bezels and bands. The colorful dials are inspired by coral and tropical fish.

SLV-21A-7A G-Shock

SLV-21A-7A Baby-G

SLV-21B-2: This set includes a G-Shock DW-5600 and a Baby-G BGD-560 with blue skeleton bezels and bands. A wave and heart pattern adorns the bands and case backs, and matching heart patterns appear on the EL backlights.

SLV-21B-2 G-Shock DW-5600

SLV-21B-2 Baby-G

SLV-21B-2 Band

SLV-21B EL Backlight

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