The retro G-Shock DW-6600PC-5 has this unadvertised throwback feature

G-Shock DW-6600PC-5 LED Backlight with "G"

Thanks to The_Other_Shazbot on Reddit for sharing that the G-Shock DW-6600PC-5 displays a large red “G” when the LED backlight is activated, like some of the original DW-6600 models did with their EL backlights in the 1990s. It is a little different, as the LED backlight of the new DW-6600 models has a white color instead of the blue-green of the EL backlight on the originals. The YouTube channel of Watch Shop Kawashima confirms the “G” backlight with its footage of the DW-6600PC-5 with the LED activated (seen below). A YouTube Shorts video by R K shows the backlight more clearly, and it looks blue in this video, perhaps due to the green-tinted LCD display combined with the camera lighting. The first DW-6600 revival model (DW-6640RE-1) also has a special backlight graphic, but it is the G-Shock 40th Anniversary logo.

As part of the Vintage Product Series, the DW-6600PC-5 features colors that were common on computer and electronic equipment in the 1980s. The watch was released in June in Japan and will be released in Singapore on July 7. Details for the U.S. and U.K. have not been announced yet.

The DW-6600PC-5 has a large red “G” on its LED backlight, like the original DW-6600 (below).

G-SHOCK DW-6600 Original EL Backlight


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