Watch Geek unboxes the sold out G-Shock DW-6640RE-1

The limited DW-6640RE-1 has been selling out everywhere but has not been released in the U.S. yet.

G-Shock enthusiast Watch Geek just posted a new unboxing video on YouTube of the highly anticipated G-Shock DW-6640RE-1 40th Anniversary edition, the first revival model of the popular DW-6600 series that originally ran from 1994 to 2010. The DW-6640RE-1 appears to be the most popular 40th Anniversary limited edition so far.

While examining the watch, he discusses various topics such as bezel compatibility with the DW-6900, his personal history with the DW-6600, differences from the original DW-6600, and the various functions of the watch. He also tests the LED backlight which has a red 40th Anniversary logo.

What stands out in the video is that the imprinted and debossed list of significant years and models has a subtle look to it, which looks better than if it had been printed. It doesn’t seem too distracting or too apparent from a distance, and it adds a unique touch to the watch, along with the other 40th Anniversary embellishments. We like how Casio decided to keep it simple with this model and the rest of the Remaster Black Series. One aspect that fans might not like is the cardboard “G” case, which does not appear to be very durable, but at least it’s relatively eco-friendly.

Watch Geek is also planning to do a more in-depth review of the DW-6640RE-1 soon.

(The DW-6640RE-1ER was released in Europe but is now sold out at The DW6640RE-1 is expected to be coming to the United States soon.)

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Watch Geek
Watch Geek
1 year ago

Thanks for featuring the video! If it wasn’t for your blog, I wouldn’t have been able to snatch this in the pre-order phase! So part of the credit for making it possible goes to you too :)
P.S. I have the DW-H5600 coming in as well ;)

1 year ago

I’ve got both 6600 and 6640 and I can say also that in the DW6600 module (1199), the arrow count the second and the 5 graduated bar count each 5 seconds and in the new module it is the opposite and I don’t know why.

John V
John V
1 year ago

I managed to get a couple of DW-6040 and it hasn’t been surprising, at least to some extent, that it went sold out in pratically only one weekend. The first one I ordered it on Friday 12/5 during lunch break and the second one on Monday 15/5 late in the evening, in order to benefit from two 10 Euros discount coupons. I would have placed two separate orders in the same day, but obviously I couldn’t foresee it would have sold out so fast. Already the next day, Tuesday 16/5, it was available only for Casio ID customers and at the end of that same day it went out of stock. Now I’m waiting for a DW-6000 reissue, less iconic for sure in comparison with the DW-6600 but still very meaningful and technically interesting; it signed the beginning of the 90’s round design applied to digital chronographs. I’m pretty sure it would sell out as fast, if not even faster, given all the attention around these “youngtimers” that we’ve got right now.

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