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The TAC-300 Combat Swim Board with G-Shock watch was designed for Navy SEALs

TAC-300 Combat Swim Board with G-Shock Watch

A recent article at Spanish fan site Zona Casio brought our attention to the TAC-300 Combat Swim Board, which includes a G-Shock watch as part of its navigation tools. We previously wrote about how the G-Shock DW-6600 was issued to Navy SEALs, but this is our first time seeing the TAC-300, which was used by Navy SEALs and other military units around the world.

According to the manufacturer RJE International, “The TAC-300 is the latest in the TAC series of diver navigation designed for the U.S. Navy SEALS.” The Zona Casio article also references an equipment request for the TAC-300 by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

TAC-300 Combat Swim Board with G-Shock DW-6900 Watch

The TAC-300 is a diver navigation platform with an illuminated underwater compass, a DG100 digital depth gauge and timer, and a dive “chronometer” which is the G-Shock part. The official page shows the TAC-300 with a G-Shock DW-6900. The official specifications don’t list the G-Shock model, only “Casio G-Shock Watch with Lap Timer.”

TAC-300 Combat Swim Board with G-Shock for Navy SEALs

There isn’t any information available about the history of the TAC-300. In some images on other retailer pages, it is paired with a DW-6600 (discontinued in 2010), which was the first G-Shock with the EL backlight. The EL backlight with afterglow, large front light button, and reliable 200-meter water resistance made the DW-6600 an ideal choice for diving applications like this. Navy SEALs being issued the DW-6600 may have been related related to this swim board integration. (There was also a TAC-100 and TAC-200.) We don’t know if Navy SEALs or other special forces units are still using the TAC-300 these days, but it appears to still be available.

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1 year ago

Great guys at Zona Casio.

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Anyone get a price on this thing?

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