A Man & His Watch book includes G-Shock stories

Written by Matt Hranek, men’s style editor at Condé Nast Traveler, A Man and His Watch is a collection of short stories about men and the wristwatches that have played a major role in their lives, with each subject telling his own story. The book includes a chapter by Kikuo Ibe, chief engineer at Casio and the inventor of G-Shock. While the chapter is very short, it provides some insight into Ibe’s mindset and how the G-Shock watch became successful in America first. There are also photos of the famous ball prototype that Ibe thought of after seeing a girl bouncing a ball in the park, and the MRG-100 metal case prototype that would pave the way for the luxury G-Shock MR-G watches of today. G-Shock watches are also featured in other chapters by Kenta Watanabe (DW-6900), cofounder of Buaisou Indigo Studio, and sculptor Tom Sachs (DW-5600).

A Man & His Watch Book


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