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Bilingual ‘Casio Watch Complete Book’ released for Casio Watch 50th Anniversary

Casio Watch Complete Book

There was unfortunately no G-Shock Perfect Bible magazine-book release for the G-Shock 40th Anniversary in 2023, but there is the Casio Watch Complete Book that was released for the Casio Watch 50th Anniversary in 2024. The book is now available in print (1,700 yen) and Kindle format (1,530 yen) at Amazon Japan, as well as at other retailers in Japan. According to the product description, the book was made with the full cooperation of Casio and covers the history, present, and future of major brands including G-Shock. There is also a list of contents that includes many G-Shock articles including an interview with Kikuo Ibe, G-Shock appearances in pop culture (movies, music, sports, and fashion), and more. Unlike the G-Shock Perfect Bible books, this book is bilingual with Japanese and English text, but it is available in Japan only. The book is an A4 size with 100 pages.

The G-Shock 35th Anniversary Perfect Bible was 122 pages (and from a different publisher), so the Casio Watch Complete Book is not expected to have a full archive of all Casio and G-Shock models like the Perfect Bible was known for. Despite that, the official Casio support and in-depth historical content with English text should make this a must-have for all fans and collectors.

Casio Watch Complete Book at amazon.co.jp

Update: The book is available to order in the U.S. at united-states.kinokuniya.com and in other countries that Kinokuniya serves at their respective websites (choose country at www.kinokuniya.com). It is also available in Kinokuniya’s physical stores in Malaysia and Singapore at the moment, along with some of its stores in Bangkok.

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