Asian region gets some new G-Shock models for February 2024 that were not released in Japan

February 2024 G-Shock releases for the international Asia region (excluding Japan) were announced at, and there are a few models that were not released in Japan this month.

The GM-110GC-1A is another stainless-steel covered “Grunge Camouflage” model like the GM-5600GC-1 and GM-2100GC-1A, which are also being released in Asia.

G-Shock GM-110GC-1A

The GMA-S110VW-6A joins the GMA-S110VW-2A and GMA-S110VW-4A as another stylish women’s model with a translucent violet bezel and band that makes the white resin case visible.

G-Shock GMA-S110VW-6A

Asia is also getting most of the updated 5600/5750/6900 “U” models with the LED backlight and improved battery life that were released in Japan in December and January, including the DW-5600UE-1 and DW-6900UB-9. Europe is also getting the DW-5600UBB-1ER, DW-5600UE-1ER, and DW-6900U-1ER. (There is no sign of these models in the U.S. yet., but it’s possible that they may eventually replace the old models there while keeping the old names, as we saw with the GW-M5610U-1 retaining the GWM5610-1 name in the U.S.)

Updated DW-5600, GM-5600, DW-5600, DW-5750 with LED Light

Some of the “U” models that were not announced for Asia include the DW-5600USKE-7, GM-S5600U-1, GM-S5600UGB-1, and GM-S5600UPG-1. Also worth noting is that Asia got the GM-S5600UBR-5 (pictured below) and GM-S5600UPG-4 in January 2024. The GM-S5600UBR-5 was not released in Japan.

G-Shock GM-S5600UBR-5

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