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G-Shock Clear Remix Series features transparent components and special modules for 40th Anniversary

G-Shock Clear Remix 40th Anniversary

Casio unveiled the G-Shock Clear Remix 40th Anniversary Series which includes seven watches with transparent parts and special anniversary markings. The classic digital DW models (DW-5040RX-7, DW-6940RX-7, DWE-5640RX-7) feature a transparent LCD display background that reveals a four-star symbol on the module’s circuit board to commemorate the 40th Anniversary.

G-Shock DW-6940RX Module

The DW-5040RX-7 is an origin tribute model with a stainless steel screw-back case like the original DW-5000. Each model has a gold ion plated stainless steel anniversary band keeper, except for the DWE-5640RX which has a hybrid band. The lower band of the DWE-5640RX is a stainless steel link band and the upper band is a clear resin band. The upper band is attached to the metal clasp of the lower band. This is a highly unusual design and is the first G-Shock with such a configuration.

Two of the models are the smaller-sized GMA-S114RX-7A and GMA-S2140RX-7A, which match the larger GA-114RX-7A and GA-2140RX-7A. All seven of these limited edition models have the 40th Anniversary case back engraving by Eric Haze.

All of the DW models have an LED backlight. Unlike the DW-5040PG-1 which had an EL backlight, the DW-5040RX-7 has an LED light. The GA-114RX-7A and GMA-S114RX-7A have an auto LED light, and the GA-2140RX-7A and GMA-S2140RX-7A have a double LED light with LCD backlight.

DW-5040RX LED Light

According to Casio, the DW-6940RX, GA-114RX, GMA-S114RX are the first-ever models with a see-through case which is made of clear glass fiber diamide. Other elements that are transparent include the following.

Dial: DW-6940RX, GA-114RX, GMA-S114RX, GA-2140RX, GMA-S2140RX
LCD: DW-5040RX, DWE-5640RX, DW-6940RX
Buttons: GA-114RX, GMA-S114RX

DW-6940RX Clear Case

The series is scheduled to be released in Japan on July 7, 2023, with other regions expected to follow.

Update: G-Shock U.S. released the DW5040RX-7 ($230), DW6940RX-7 ($180), DWE5640RX-7 ($260), and GA2140RX-7A ($150). It appears that these models will be available only at Casio.com in the U.S.

G-Shock DW-5040RX-7: Japan Price: 26,400 yen.

G-Shock DW-5040RX-7

Buy DW5040RX-7
Casio eBay

Specifications: DW-5000 (DW-5040RX-7 has LED light.)

G-Shock DW-6940RX-7: Japan Price: 22,500 yen.

G-Shock DW-6940RX-7

Buy DW6940RX-7
Casio eBay

Specifications: DW-6900 (DW-6940RX-7 has LED light, weighs 72 grams.)

G-Shock DWE-5640RX-7: Japan Price: 33,000 yen

G-Shock DWE-5640RX-7

Buy DWE5640RX-7
Casio eBay

Specifications: DWE-5600 (DWE-5640RX-7 has LED light, weighs 94 grams.)

G-Shock GA-114RX-7A: Japan Price: 26,400 yen.

G-Shock GA-114RX-7A

Buy GA-114RX-7AJR (Japan Release)

Specifications: GA-110 (GA-114RX-7A weighs 78 grams.)

G-Shock GMA-S114RX-7A: Japan Price: 26,400 yen.

G-Shock GMA-S114RX-7A

Buy GMA-S114RX-7AJR (Japan Release)

Specifications: GMA-S110 (GMA-S114RX-7A weighs 61 grams.)

G-Shock GA-2140RX-7A: Japan Price: 21,450 yen.

G-Shock GMA-S114RX-7A

Buy GA2140RX-7A
Casio eBay

Specifications: GA-2100 (GA-2140RX-7A weighs 56 grams.)

G-Shock GMA-S2140RX-7A: Japan Price: 21,450 yen.

G-Shock GMA-S2140RX-7A

Buy GMA-S2140RX-7AJR (Japan Release)

Specifications: DW-6900 (GMA-S2140RX-7A weighs 50 grams.)

Original Post (May 31, 2023):

An upcoming G-Shock 40th Anniversary series was leaked online and is rumored to be coming in August 2023. With the passing of G-Shock’s birth month (April) and the release of the 40th Anniversary Exhibition Notebook publication in Thailand, there were concerns that Casio might be finished with the G-Shock anniversary releases. That turns out not to be the case, and we are hopeful that more limited anniversary editions are coming later in the year.

According to a leaked image, the “RX” series includes the DW-5040RX-7, DW-6940RX-7, DWE-5640RX-7, and GA-114RX-7A, all with a clear skeleton-style bezel and band. The background of the LCD display on the full digital models is transparent, and the circuit board of the module is visible beneath it. The GA-114RX does not have a clear LCD display but an inverted one with a black background instead. The stainless steel case of the DW-5040RX screw-back model appears to have a black or gray ion-plating which is visible beneath the bezel. The resin case of the DW-6940RX appears to be white. The image of the DWE-5640RX strangely shows it with a resin upper band and a metal lower band. Maybe it includes one resin bezel and band set and one metal bezel and band set (or maybe just a single resin bezel with two band sets), but we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that. A previous leak from February showed that the circuit board of the DW-6940RX has gold ion-plated parts, along with a four-stars anniversary marking and a “G” logo on the board that is visible in the first of the three “eye” displays.

This post will be updated when more information and images are available.

From left to right: DWE-5640RX-7, DW-5040RX-7, DW-6940RX-7, GA-114RX-7A (unofficial leaked image)

Skeleton G-Shock 'RX' Series with transparent LCD displays is another 40th Anniversary release

This leaked image (courtesy of kosutasu) may not accurately reflect the final release.

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3 months ago

Glad to see there is more to come, but those models seem impossibly hard to read.

3 months ago
Reply to  Adel

I think with these models they are targeting more towards G-Shock collectors, not daily wearers.

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