G-Shock Gold Ingot Skeleton Series: GM-5600SG-9, GM-6900SG-9, GM-110SG-9A

G-Shock Metal Skeleton Gold Series: GM-5600SG-9, GM-6900SG-9, GM-110SG-9A

The upcoming metal-covered skeleton gold series will include the GM-5600SG-9 (right), GM-6900SG-9, and GM-110SG-9A (left). This is the second series following the Skeleton Camouflage Series that includes the stainless steel-covered trio of the GM-5600, GM-6900, and GM-110.

This series features gold ion plated stainless steel bezels and clear, skeleton-style bands. The GM-5600SG-9 is one of two GM-5600 models with a gold bezel (with the other being the GM-5600CX-4), and it also has a reflective gold face and silver buttons. The GM-6900SG-9 has a similar style, but with the G-Shock logo on the bezel painted white. The GM-110SG-9A has a gold dial and markers with a touch of black bordering parts of the dial. It also features a textured resin band.

G-Shock Japan shows the GM-5600SG-9 as having a special EL backlight that displays the “Shock Resist” logo.

This series is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021.

Update: G-shock.co.uk has the watches listed as coming soon: GM-5600SG-9ER (£209.00), GM-6900SG-9ER (£219.00), and GM-110SG-9AER (£229.00).

Update 2: G-Shock Japan is releasing the GM-110SG-9AJF (28,000 JPY plus tax), GM-5600SG-9JF (26,000 JPY), and GM-6900SG-9JF (26,000 JPY) in February 2021 (all prices excluding tax). The series was also announced for the broader Asian region in February. The series is called the “Gold Ingot Collection” in Singapore.

Update 3: G-Shock U.S. is releasing the GM110SG-9A ($240), GM5600SG-9 ($220), and GM6900SG-9 ($230) in March 2021.

G-Shock Skeleton Gold Metal Covered Series: GM-5600SG-9, GM-6900SG-9, GM-110SG-9A

G-Shock GM-5600SG-9:

G-Shock GM-5600SG-9

G-Shock GM-5600SG-9 EL Backlight

G-Shock GM-6900SG-9:

G-Shock GM-6900SG-9

G-Shock GM-110SG-9A:

G-Shock GM-110SG-9A

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