Baby-G & G-MS 2020 Spring and Summer Catalogs (Asia)

Casio released the 2020 Spring & Summer catalogs for Baby-G and G-MS watches in Asia.

The Baby-G catalog includes the new BGA-270 series and upcoming special color series like the BGD-560BC and BGD-570BC Beach Color Series, BA-110SC Sea Glass Series, and BA-110TM Tokyo Pop Color Series, among other models. The catalog also reveals the G-Shock and Baby-G Lightning Yellow Series, a limited color series that includes the Baby-G BGD-560TG-9, G-Shock DW-5600TGA-9, and G-Shock DW-6900TGA-9.

The G-MS catalog features refined yet rugged women watches with stainless steel bezels and analog-digital or analog displays. Models include the new MSG-S500 with full analog display and solar power, the MSG-S200 series with analog-digital display and Tough Solar power, and the MSG-C100 series with a studded dial. G-MS watches are sold under the Baby-G brand in most countries and under G-Shock in the U.S.

(These catalogs are intended for the Asia region, and not all models are available worldwide.)

Download Baby-G Catalog (PDF, 31.9MB)

Download G-MS Catalog (PDF, 1.0MB)

Visit the official Baby-G website at

Baby-G 2020 Spring & Summer Catalog

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