Baby-G G-MS line with Tough Solar is coming to America

Introducing the G-Shock For Women G-MS Collection…

A solar-powered Baby-G watch is headed to markets outside of Japan as Casio America released a promotional video featuring the upcoming Baby-G G-MS MSGS200. Not only is it a solar Baby-G but it is also a more elegant and refined style of analog-digital watch that is thinner (12.3mm) than other Baby-G models. The G-MS line is similar to the G-Shock G-STEEL line for men but in a smaller (38.4mm-wide) size styled for women. Its look is suitable for more formal settings and its structure is rugged enough for outdoor activities. Casio first announced the MSG-W200 series (with Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 for Japan and Europe) and the MSGS200 series (with Tough Solar for North America) during Baselworld 2018.

Recent G-MS models only have the G-MS and Casio logos on the front of the watch and no Baby-G logo, but it is still considered part of the Baby-G brand. G-MS watches are shock resistant and water resistant to 100 meters.

We noticed that the watch in this video has a resin band keeper (and the MSG-W200 series has metal keepers), and the photos in the latest Baby-G catalog appear to show all MSG-S200 models with resin keepers. We are still waiting for a full announcement and release details for this series.



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