Casio Pro Trek PRG-600 Tough Solar with Stainless Steel Bezel

Casio Pro Trek PRG-600 PRG-600Y-1JF PRG-600-1J PRG-600YB-3JF

Casio is releasing the all-new Pro Trek PRG-600 analog-digital series in October. This safari-styled outdoor watch has a stainless steel bezel for durability and a STN LCD display for improved readability. The 3D index markers with large 12, 3, and 9 numerals and wide analog hands provide easy access to the time. The PRG-600 has a Tough Solar power system with a rechargeable battery and is water-resistant to 100 meters. The Triple Sensor Version 3 measures altitude up to 10,000 meters, atmospheric pressure, direction bearing, and temperature. The series will launch with three models: PRG-600-1 (silver bezel, silicone band), PRG-600Y-1 (black IP bezel, silicone band), and PRG-600YB-3 (gray IP bezel, nylon cloth band). The PRG-600-1 and PRG-600Y-1 have “Dura Soft” silicone bands. The PRG-600 measures 51.6 × 51.5 × 13.4 mm. Weight is approximately 78 grams for the PRG-600/PRG-600Y and 67 grams for the PRG-600YB.

Other features include double LED light, low temperature resistance (-10 °C), luminous hands and markers, altimeter data memory, world time, 1/100 second stopwatch (24 hours), countdown timer (60 minutes), 5 daily alarms with 1 snooze alarm, automatic hand adjustment, hand moving function, battery level indicator, and 12/24-hour mode. appears to be the first Casio site to have a PRG-600 listing.

The list prices for the Japanese models are ¥46,000 JPY for the PRG-600-1JF and ¥48,000 JPY for the PRG-600Y-1JF and PRG-600YB-3JF.

Update: Casio America released the PRG600Y-1 and PRG600YB-3 with a list price of $320.


The PRG-600-1 has a silver stainless steel bezel, a positive STN LCD display, and black resin band.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-600-1


The PRG-600Y-1 has a black IP stainless steel bezel, reverse STN LCD display, and black resin band.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-600Y-1


The PRG-600YB-3 has a gray IP stainless steel bezel, reverse STN LCD display, and olive drab cloth band.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-600YB-3

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Marin Bilandžić
Marin Bilandžić
7 years ago

They look awesome and the size is acceptable!! I love the fact that you can change the strap as it seems it uses normal springbars and shape!!

Now I can only hope they release the PRW version with Atomic timekeeping :)

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