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G-Shock and Baby-G SLV-22A-9A and SLV-22B-9: Honey-themed Summer Lover’s Collection Sets for 2022

G-Shock and Baby-G SLV-22B-9 Box

G-Shock China revealed what appears to be the latest Summer Lover’s Collection sets with the SLV-22A-9A and SLV-22B-9 (SLV-22A-9APFH and SLV-22B-9PFH in China). Each set includes a G-Shock and Baby-G watch featuring a honey theme with a flowing honey print on the bands and an exclusive bee motif engraved on the stainless steel case backs. The digital DW-5600 and BGD-560 models also have a honeycomb pattern on the face and a special EL backlight design which has not been revealed yet. The watches come in hexagonal and translucent watch cases and a honeycomb box, but this packaging may be exclusive to China. Summer Lover’s Collection (SLV) sets like these are usually released throughout Asia.

Update: G-Shock U.K. and G-Shock Europe are now selling each model individually. (Thanks to David for the tip.)

G-Shock and Baby-G SLV-22A-9A: GA-110 and BA-110

G-Shock and Baby-G SLV-22A-9A Summer Lover's Collection 2022

 SLV-22A-9A G-Shock GA-110

G-Shock and Baby-G SLV-22B-9 Box

G-Shock and Baby-G SLV-22B-9: DW-5600 and BGD-560

G-Shock and Baby-G SLV-22B-9 Summer Lover's Collection 2022

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