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G-Shock Buying Guides by G-Central

Best Casio G-Shock Watches For 2022: The top 20 G-Shock watches in 2022 as ranked by G-Central

G-Shock GMW-B5000 All Models: Classic full metal (stainless steel or titanium) screw-back models

Top G-Shock Watches For Military Under $100: The best affordable G-Shock watches for military use

Cheap G-Shock Watches Around $50: The most affordable basic G-Shock watches available

Blackout G-Shock Watch Collection – A list of “black out” G-Shock models with stealth bezels and reverse LCD displays

G-Shock 5000-5600 Origin “Square” Series Buying Guide: All current models of the classic 5000-5600 family, based on the original G-Shock case from 1983.

Japanese Import G-Shock 5000 Series Watches: Import-only Japanese G-Shock watches including the cult favorite GW-5000-1JF

Toughest G-Shock Watches: All G-Shock watches embody Absolute Toughness but these models are known for being especially rugged

G-Shock Watches For Small Wrists: Mid-size G-Shock watches that are appropriate for smaller wrists

G-Shock Watches With The Longest Battery Life: Non-solar, battery-powered G-Shock watches with 5-10 year battery life

Casio G-Shock Watches With Compass Sensor: All the G-Shock watches that have a compass sensor

Beginner’s Guide to G-Shock Watches: A brief overvie to luxury models

Casio G-Shock Master of G Buyer’s Guide: Overview of the professional-grade Master of G watches featuring advanced technology like environmental sensorsw of the entire range of G-Shock watches, from budget

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