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G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe’s advice to young people

G-Shock Europe recently released the video “G-SHOCK x Highsnobiety: Experimenting Greatness (Mr. Ibe POV)” on YouTube. The brief video features G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe reflecting on how he became interested in watches and the creation of G-Shock. Many people are already familiar with Ibe’s “Never give up” motto, and the video provides more insight into Ibe’s mindset when he created G-Shock and new advice to the younger generation.

According to the subtitles, Ibe says, “The driving force that was pushing me was that the G-Shock was a product that was against the times.” In the early 1980s, smaller and thinner watches were preferred, and the G-Shock stood out for its bulky size. Ibe wasn’t envisioning the massive success that G-Shock would later have, as his original intention was to create a niche product that would be useful to a small number of people. G-Shock faced adversity during its early years when its future was very much in question, but it eventually found its niche audience over the years, which would grow to the mainstream success we see today. Ibe mentions that he is grateful that G-Shock became popular as a fashion item with young people in the 1990s.

Ibe goes on to say, “The message that I want to tell through G-Shock is that I want people to cherish their beliefs, even if they go against the times.” Ibe also cautions about young people thinking too much before taking action, and says, “I feel that if you move fast and do your best, there’ll be something good that will open up as your new path.” If Ibe had fixated on why G-Shock might not be successful, we might not be here today.

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