G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe visits his younger self in 1982

G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe stars in a new and somewhat unusual video from Casio. In the dramatic and inspirational video, he visits a younger version of himself in 1982, when he was struggling to develop a working prototype for the first G-Shock watch and on the verge of quitting. Older Ibe stresses the importance of not giving up and to keep moving forward. (His motto over the years, which was adopted by G-Shock, is “Never give up.”) He speaks of toughness, not the physical toughness that is usually associated with G-Shock, but a toughness of the mind and spirit in the face of failure and adversity. The video closes with the motto, “Toughness is embracing failure.” Sometimes without failure, there can be no progress, and we shouldn’t be afraid to take on new challenges. G-Shock’s journey has been Ibe’s journey. They haven’t been without their ups and downs, but both are still going strong.


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