G-Shock DW-5610: DW-5610SU & DW-5610SUS Layered Bezel

G-Shock DW-5610 DW-5610SU-3 DW-5610SU-8 DW-5610SUS-5

G-Shock announced the DW-5610SU-3JF (list price 12,000 JPY), DW-5610SU-8JF (12,000 JPY), and DW-5610SUS-5JR (16,500 JPY) for a February 2020 release. These models feature a layered, double-molded resin structure resulting in the case being a different color than the bezel. This confirms that the different color of the bezel is the resin color, and not paint. This is a Street Utility color series inspired by military and service colors.

The DW-5610 has slightly different dimensions than the DW-5600, but this is barely noticeable at 48.9 x 43.8 x 13.5 millimeters versus 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4. Internally, the features are the same as the DW-5600 and include a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, flash alert, and EL backlight with afterglow. The “10” in the model name appears to refer to the double-molded case style. All three models have quick-release bands, and the bands are compatible with the GA-2100.

Update: The DW-5610SU-3, DW-5610SU-8, and DW-5610SUS-5 are also being released in other Asian countries in February 2020. The DW-5610SU-3ER and DW-5610SU-8ER will be released in Europe.

Update 2: Casio America released the green DW5610SU-3 (list price $110), gray DW5610SU-8 ($110), and brown DW5610SUS-5 with two bands ($140) in the U.S.

G-Shock DW-5610SU DW-5610SUS Utility Colors

G-Shock DW-5610SU-3

Black bezel with green case and band.

G-Shock DW-5610SU-3

G-Shock DW-5610SU-8

Black bezel with gray case and band.

G-Shock DW-5610SU-8

G-Shock DW-5610SUS-5

Black bezel with brown case and camouflage face. This watch includes both a black cloth band and a brown resin band and has the Japanese model code DW-5610SUS-5JR, with “JR” usually denoting limited edition status.

G-Shock DW-5610SUS-5

DW-5610SUS-5 Resin Band

Original Post:

G-Shock DW-5610 DW-5610SU Series: DW-5610SU-3 DW-5610SU-8

Several European e-commerce sites revealed the new G-Shock DW-5610 series which will be launching with three models: the DW-5610SU-3 (left), DW-5610SU-8 (right), and DW-5610SUS-5. These watches utilize the classic square case and feature cases and bands that are a different color from the black bezel. (The effect is somewhat reminiscent of the glossy bezel and matte case of the titanium GMW-B5000TB-1.) Surprisingly, this is the first time we’ve seen this kind of combination on DW-5600 watches, and it opens up all sorts of possibilities for future releases. (The upcoming GA-2110SU and GA-2100SU models will also utilize this style with black and camouflage bezels.) Some sites have described this style as a “layered bezel.”

The DW-5610SU-3 has a black bezel with an olive green case and band, and the DW-5610SU-8 has a black bezel with a gray case and band. Pictures of the DW-5610SUS-5 have not been revealed yet.

Based on the specs we’ve seen on the various e-commerce sites, it appears that the DW-5610 has the same internal functions as the DW-5600, and the “10” possibly signifies the bezel style. (The upcoming GA-2110SU-3A and GA-2110SU-9A also have a black bezel with a different colored case, while the GA-2100SU-1A has a camouflage bezel.)

This post will be updated when official information is available.

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4 years ago

So, this is a paint application to the portion of the bezel nearest the crystal? Hmm. Okay…

It is the naming scheme that I don’t like. “5610” already occupies that part of my brain that keeps square names organized. I don’t need a goofy paint job on a bezel mucking things up! What are they going to call the GWM layered bezel then? Aaargh!

4 years ago

Is it water proof

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