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GA-2100SU & GA-2110SU Street Utility with Layered Bezel

G-Shock GA-2110: GA-2100SU-1A GA-2100SU-3A GA-2100SU-9A

G-Shock Japan announced the GA-2100SU-1AJF (list price 14,000 JPY), GA-2110SU-3AJF (14,500 JPY), and GA-2110SU-9AJF (14,500 JPY) featuring military-inspired street utility colors for a February 2020 release. The GA-2100SU-1AJF has a painted camouflage bezel, and the GA-2110SU-3AJF and GA-2110SU-9AJF feature the new style of double-molded bezel. The GA-2100SU-1A, GA-2110SU-3A, and GA-2110SU-9A will also be released throughout Asia. Europe is also getting all three models (GA-2100SU-1AER, GA-2110SU-3AER, and GA-2110SU-9AER).

Update: Casio America released the GA2100SU-1A with camouflage bezel and the green GA2110SU-3A with black bezel in the U.S., with a list price of $110 each.

GA-2100SU-1A, GA-2110SU-3A, and GA-2110SU-9A with the GA-2000SU Street Utility Series:

GA-2110SU GA-2100SU GA-2000SU

G-Shock GA-2100SU-1A

Camouflage bezel with black case and band.

G-Shock GA-2100SU-1A

GA2100SU-1A on Amazon GA-2100SU-1A on eBay

GA-2100SU-1A Angle

G-Shock GA-2110SU-3A

Black bezel with green case and band.

G-Shock GA-2110SU-3A

GA2110SU-3A on Amazon GA2110SU-3A at ReedsGA-2110SU-3A on eBay GA-2110SU-3AJF (JP) on eBay

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G-Shock GA-2110SU-9A

Black bezel with yellow case and band.

G-Shock GA-2110SU-9A

GA-2110SU-9AJF (JP) on eBay

Original Post:

Given the huge success of last year’s G-Shock GA-2100 “CasiOak” series, we’re bound to see an influx of new colorways for the slim, mid-size model. According to Zona Casio and various European retailers, next on the horizon are the GA-2100SU-1A (left), GA-2110SU-3A (center), and GA-2110SU-9A (right). The GA-2110SU-3A and GA-2110SU-9A have a black bezel with an olive green case and band and yellow case and band, respectively, and the GA-2100SU-1A has a camouflage bezel with a black case and band.

This “layered bezel” multi-color style can also be seen on the upcoming DW-5610SU models.

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