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G-Shock DWH5600-1 and DWH5600-2 (with heart rate and solar) are now available in the United States

G-Shock DWH5600-1 and  DWH5600-2 (with solar and heart rate) are now available in the United States

The G-Shock DW-H5600 series was officially announced by Casio only in Japan so far for a May 19 release there, but two models (DWH5600-1 and DWH5600-2) are now available for purchase in the United States at authorized dealer Reeds Jewelers for $299 each (links below). Shipping is available to U.S. states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and U.S. military addresses abroad. According to the product and checkout pages at Reeds, these are not pre-orders and appear to be available for immediate shipping and store pick-up at some locations. The official U.S. announcement and availability at gshock.casio.com/us should be coming from Casio America soon.

The DW-H5600 is a highly anticipated G-SQUAD (or “MOVE” in the U.S.) series modeled after the original “square” G-Shock 5000 series and featuring an MIP LCD display, heart rate monitor, step counter, Bluetooth smartphone link, and a rechargeable battery with wired USB and solar-assisted charging. The fitness tracking and analysis functions are powered by algorithms from wearables company Polar. Advanced measurements include cardio load status, blood oxygen level, VO2 max, calories burned (with energy source used), and sleep recovery status. The DW-H5600 supports multiple activities such as running, walking, and gym workouts (including weight training and cardio machines).

The black DWH5600-1 and light blue DWH5600-2 are full resin models with a bezel and band made of bio-based resins. It’s not yet known if any of the DW-H5600 models with a stainless steel bezel piece will be released in the U.S.

Update: G-Shock U.S. now has the DWH5600-1 and DWH5600-2 available for pre-orders (with an estimated ship date of 5/19), and it looks like these will be the only models available in the U.S. for now. (The English instruction manual is not yet available, but should be soon.) G-Shock U.K. has the DW-H5600-1ER and DW-H5600-2ER listed as coming soon for £269 each, along with the DW-H5600MB-1ER (£289) with a black stainless steel bezel part and the limited edition DW-H5600EX-1ER (£389) that includes two bezel and band sets.

Buy DWH5600-1 at Reeds Buy DWH5600-2 at Reeds
(Affiliate Links: We may earn a commission at Amazon, eBay, and Reeds Jewelers.)

Update 2: Both models are now available for pre-orders at Amazon.com, with a release date of May 19.

DWH5600 Series at Amazon
(Affiliate Links: We may earn a commission at Amazon, eBay, and Reeds Jewelers.)

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