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Field-style solar G-Shock GA-B2100CT and small GMD-S5600CT watches have organic Truecotton cloth bands

G-Shock GA-B2100CT with Cloth Band: GA-B2100CT-1A5 and GA-B2100CT-5A

Scheduled for a January release in Japan, the field-style G-Shock GA-B2100CT and smaller GMD-S5600CT series feature cloth bands. The bands are made of Truecotton, which is a traceable organic cotton developed by Toyoshima & Co, and the cotton comes from farms and mills that can be specifically identified. These bands also use the “food textile” dyeing process, which extracts dye from food and plants that would otherwise be discarded. The bezels are made of renewable bio-based resin.

The black GA-B2100CT-1A5 and brown GA-B2100CT-5A are Tough Solar and Bluetooth-equipped GA-B2100 models featuring a compact Carbon Core Guard case. These are the first GA-B2100 models with a cloth band, and the GA-B2100CT-5A is notable for having a positive LCD display which is generally easier to view than a negative display. In Japan, the GA-B2100CT-1A5JF and GA-B2100CT-5AJF will have a tax-included price of 25,300 yen each. These models are expected to be released worldwide.

Update: G-Shock U.S. released the GAB2100CT1A5 (sic) and GAB2100CT-5A for $170 each, along with the GMDS5600CT-3 and GMDS5600CT-4 for $120 each. The GA-B2100CT-1A5 and GA-B2100CT-5A were released in Europe for 169 euros each.

G-Shock GA-B2100CT-1A5:

G-Shock GA-B2100CT-1A5

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G-Shock GA-B2100CT-1A5 Band

G-Shock GA-B2100CT-5A:

G-Shock GA-B2100CT-5A

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G-Shock GA-B2100CT-5A Band

The green GMD-S5600CT-3 and pink GMD-S5600CT-4 are smaller GMD-S5600 models inspired by the original G-Shock style and designed for women. In Japan, the GMD-S5600CT-3JF and GMD-S5600CT-4JF have a tax-included price of 15,400 yen.

G-Shock GMD-S5600CT-3:

G-Shock GMD-S5600CT-3

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G-Shock GMD-S5600CT-3 Band

G-Shock GMD-S5600CT-4:

G-Shock GMD-S5600CT-4

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G-Shock GMD-S5600CT-4 Band

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