G-STEEL GST-B300XA-1A & GST-B300XB-1A3 with Sapphire Crystal and Carbon Bezel, Black and Gold GST-B300B-1A

G-STEEL GST-B300XA-1A  & GST-B300XB-1A3 with Sapphire Crystal and Carbon Bezel, Black and Gold GST-B300B-1A (GST-B300B-1AJF. GST-B300XA-1AJF, GST-B300XB-1A3JF)

G-Shock Japan announced three new G-STEEL models for January 2021, two of which are upgraded models. The GST-B300XA-1AJF (77,000 JPY plus tax) and GST-B300XB-1A3JF (83,000 JPY plus tax) feature a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective inner coating and a carbon bezel. The GST-B300B-1AJF (49,000 JPY plus tax) is a standard model (with mineral glass and resin bezel) with a black and gold color scheme. The GST-B300XB-1A3JF has a green military camouflage style and a unique pattern on the bezel from the carbon’s laminating and processing technology. The GST-B300XA-1AJF has a silver body, blue front screws and accents, and a bezel with a more traditional carbon fiber look. The GST-B300B-1AJF has a green dial, which gives it a unique look from other black and gold G-Shock watches.

Features of the GST-B300 series include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, Tough Solar power, Bluetooth smartphone link, Neobrite luminous hands, world time stopwatch (1/1000-second for the first 60 minutes, 1/10-second after 60 minutes), countdown timer (24-hour, settable in 1-second increments), 5 alarms, hand shift feature to clear the hands from the LCD display, and dual LED lights with adjustable (1.5 or 3 seconds) afterglow. The GST-B300 is also notable for having an LCD display that is backlit with a fully illuminated background when the LED light is activated.

Update (January 19, 2021): G-Shock U.S. released the black and gold GSTB300B-1A with a retail price of $380.

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B300XA-1A: With sapphire crystal, carbon bezel, silver body, and black resin band.

G-Shock GST-B300XA-1A with Sapphire Crystal and Carbon Bezel

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B300XB-1A3: With sapphire crystal, carbon bezel, green IP body, and green camouflage resin band.

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B300XB-1A3 Military Style with Carbon Bezel, Sapphire Crystal, and Green Camouflage Band GST-B300XB-1A3JF

G-Shock GST-B300XB-1A3 Band

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B300B-1A: With gold IP buttons and front screws, resin bezel, black IP body, and black resin band.

G-Shock GST-B300B-1A Black and Gold with Green Dial

Original Post (December 17, 2020):

Images of the upcoming G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B300XB-1A3 have materialized, and this model offers a unique military style for the mid-range analog-digital series. The watch has a carbon bezel with a distinctive swirl-like pattern that gives it a camouflage look. Though carbon fiber bezels have appeared on the GST-B100 series and other G-Shock lines before, this type of carbon bezel is a first, and it is likely that each watch has unique characteristics regarding the look of the bezel, as it seems to be the result of how the carbon pieces are cut. To round out the military vibe, the watch also has a green IP body, copper front screws, gray markers, and an olive green camouflage resin band.

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