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G-Shock GM-2100MG-1A moon watch hands-on video, sold out at Casio Japan

The moon-themed G-Shock GM-2100MG-1A sold out quickly at the Casio Japan website, and we expect it to be in high demand at other retailers and later in other countries as well. The watch is notable for its textured stainless steel bezel that resembles the moon’s surface. The watch also has a gold ion plating and a stainless steel band keeper.

Though the timing of the release may bring to mind the price of bitcoin going to the “moon,” Casio recently announced that it is collaborating with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to use its Picalico high-precision positioning system on the moon. The system uses camera visible light technology to transmit and receive information. Casio and JAXA are currently conducting experiments at Thirty-Four Sagamihara Stadium to simulate using the technology on lunar-roving vehicles. JAXA plans to build infrastructure on the moon for sustainable exploration in the 2030s.

We found a (non-English) unboxing video of the GM-2100MG-1APFM release from China, which also includes a large rocketship case. This is the first hands-on video we’ve seen, but the protective plastic film is not removed from the watch. The rocket case will not be included in other countries, but the GM-2100MG-1A will come in exclusive packaging. The watch itself appears at around the 3:18 mark.

The GM-2100MG-1A is expected to be released in other countries soon.

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1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful! Any idea whether this will be released in NA?

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