G-Shock GM-2100MG “Moon Gold” Watch Video by Random Rob

YouTuber Random Rob recently took a hands-on look at the moon-inspired G-Shock GM-2100MG-1A. Thanks to Rob’s excellent videography, the watch looks quite stunning and better than the usual photos, with nice closeups of the textured gold bezel. Rob was able to get ahold of the China release, which includes the rocketship case, and he also previously published an unboxing video that shows the complete packaging. (Another unboxing video of the China release is available from Gi-Shock-Go.)

The limited edition GM-2100MG-1A is an intriguing model due to its uniquely textured 3D bezel that resembles the surface of the moon. This is the first time we’ve seen such a bezel treatment on any stainless steel “GM” model, and it raises the possibility of future models with such textured surfaces. The dial also has a metallic vapor deposition to create a moon-like gold pattern. Unlike the GM-2100 launch models with resin band keepers, the watch has a stainless steel band keeper with a gold ion plating.

The GM-2100MG-1A was released in Asia and Europe and is expected to be released in the U.S. for $300 (though not officially confirmed yet).

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Jerry LePore
Jerry LePore
4 months ago

awesome video

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