GM-B2100 More Release Info: Regional prices and pre-orders

G-Shock GM-B2100 Black Ion Plated GM-B2100BD-1A

The highly anticipated full metal G-Shock GM-B2100 series is coming very soon. We covered the Japanese release information in the original post and will be providing updates on other regions here (for the countries we have the most visitors from). As this series is expected to be in high demand, we suggest pre-ordering from the official G-Shock websites if you can. If you miss the online release from the official site, the watches will also be available at official G-Shock stores and other retailers. This post will be updated, but we suggest registering on your country’s official G-Shock website for email updates.

United States: Pre-sale now available (GMB2100D-1A sold out), August 12 release (GMB2100D-1A: $550, GMB2100BD-1A and GMB2100GD-5A: $600 each)., Reeds Jewelers (affiliate links): GMB2100BD-1A, GMB2100D-1A, GMB2100GD-5A

Canada: TBA.

United Kingdom: Coming Soon (GM-B2100D-1AER: £449, GM-B2100BD-1AER and GM-B2100GD-5AER: £499 each).

Malaysia: Pre-sale on 4 Aug 2022 11:00 and online from 12 Aug 2022, Casio ID required (GM-B2100D-1A: RM2,645, GM-B2100BD-1A and GM-B2100GD-5A: RM2,795 each). (GM-B2100BD-1A is currently listed for RM2,645, which is probably a mistake.)

Singapore: Pre-sale on 4 Aug 2022 11:00 and online from 12 Aug 2022, Casio ID required (GM-B2100D-1A: S$799, GM-B2100BD-1A and GM-B2100GD-5A: S$849 each).

India: TBA.

Australia: August (GMB2100D-1A: $999, GMB2100BD-1A and GMB2100GD-5A: $1099 each).

New Zealand: Early September.

Philippines: TBA. (no online sales, store locator)

Europe: Coming Soon (GM-B2100D-1AER: €549, GM-B2100BD-1AER and GM-B2100GD-5AER: €599 each). GM-B2100BD-1AER, GM-B2100D-1AER, GM-B2100GD-5AER (delivery to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden)

Taiwan: Pre-sale on August 1, 12:00. (GM-B2100D-1A: NT$15,000, GM-B2100BD-1A and GM-B2100GD-5A: NT$17,000).

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Jony kn
Jony kn
1 year ago

Europe price GD and BD 599€ and basic version ^D^ 549€

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