G-Shock GSR-H1000 ASICS running watch may launch in spring

Update: Casio announced the GSR-H1000AS-SET for a March 2021 release.

January 2021 may have been a little disappointing for some G-Shock fans, with no Casio presence at the virtual-only CES 2021 and an absence of announcements (so far) for any all-new model lines, like the expected GSW-H1000 smartwatch and the GSR-H1000 collaboration with Asics. When asked about Casio’s smartwatch initiative in a recent interview, Casio President and CEO Kazuhiro Kashio stated that they would like to release an “Asics Casio model wristwatch” (presumably the G-Shock GSR-H1000) in spring 2021. He also stated that the watch will be compatible with the popular smartphone running app Runkeeper (which Asics owns), unlike previous G-Shock G-SQUAD running models. Unfortunately, he did not mention the G-Shock GSW-H1000, which is expected to be a Wear OS smartwatch. If the GSW-H1000 is not released in the spring or summer, then our next guess would be around October. Based on Kashio’s wording, the release date for the Asics model isn’t exactly set in stone, so try not to get too upset if it doesn’t materialize in the spring.

G-Shock GSR-H1000 Prototype Photos of Running Watch with Asics


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