G-Shock GSR-H1000: Is it the new smartwatch? (Probably not, that will be the GSW-H1000)

Update: The G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch with Wear OS and a color touchscreen was officially revealed. (Follow link for more information.)

Update: Casio announced the GSR-H1000AS-SET, which includes the GSR-H1000AS-1 watch and a separate motion sensor, for a March 2021 release.

Another smart G-Shock watch is on the way, as the G-Shock GSR-H1000 was recently discovered through international FCC records. A rough rendering of the watch can be viewed at fccid.io.

There is speculation that the watch will be similar to the GBD-H1000, which was the first G-Shock watch with a heart rate monitor, and will include Bluetooth, an MIP LCD display, a heart rate monitor, and possibly a Triple Sensor (which includes a pressure sensor with altimeter and barometer, compass, and thermometer).

The “GSR” prefix is similar to the “GPR” of the GPR-B1000 Rangeman. We’d like to believe that this is a new Rangeman, but this could be another G-SQUAD model, or perhaps the debut model for an all-new line.

Update: We believe that it’s very possible that the GSR-H1000 is the upcoming G-Shock “G-SMART” model. As part of a new line named G-SMART, we would expect it to distinguish itself from the G-SQUAD models in a major way. Despite the FCC filing renderings showing what resembles an MIP LCD display, perhaps the GSR-H1000 has a color touchscreen and Wear OS. In 2019, Casio spoke of a G-SMART model coming in fiscal 2020, and during the latest annual financial results announcement in May 2020, Casio said that the G-SMART watch was originally planned for October 2020 and will possibly be delayed.

Update 2: It looks like the upcoming GSW-H1000 is actually the G-SMART smartwatch that we thought the GSR-H1000 might be, and the GSR-H1000 is probably an MIP LCD model.

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2 years ago

Hope this won’t be as big as GBD-H1000.

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