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G-Shock GW-9408KJ-7JR Rangeman: Love The Sea And The Earth 2022 Earthwatch inspired by polar bear

G-Shock GW-9408KJ-7JR Rangeman: Love The Sea And The Earth 2022 Earthwatch Collaboration: Display and Band

While rumors of an all-new upcoming G-Shock Rangeman abound, there will be at least one more GW-9400 model with the release of the GW-9408KJ-7JR, a Love The Sea And The Earth 2022 limited edition release and collaboration with the environmental group Earthwatch. The color scheme is inspired by the polar bear, a vulnerable species that inhabits arctic regions, and the watch is just the second white GW-9400 model after the GW-9400BTJ-8 from 2015. (Although that model was technically designated as gray with the “8” in the name, it had a white appearance.) This model is described as off-white, and the face is made of phosphorescent resin that glows blue in the dark. (Last year’s GW-9407KJ-3JR also had a glow-in-the-dark face.) Blue accents appear as label colors and a ring around the sensor button, and the carbon fiber insert band has an inner layer made of translucent blue resin. The Earthwatch logo appears on the LED backlight and the stainless steel case back is engraved with the Love The Sea And The Earth 2022 emblem.

G-Shock GW-9408KJ-7JR Rangeman Angle with Carbon Fiber Insert Band

Notable features of the GW-9408KJ-7JR include Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time adjustment, Triple Sensor (pressure: altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer), sunrise/sunset time, and a full auto LED backlight.

The GW-9408KJ-7JR is November 2022 release in Japan with a tax-included price of 58,300 yen. Earthwatch edition Rangeman watches are typically released in Japan only, but we will post updates here if it is released wider.

G-Shock GW-9408KJ-7JR Rangeman

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G-Shock GW-9408KJ-7JR Rangeman EL Backlight

G-Shock GW-9408KJ-7JR Rangeman Box

G-Shock GW-9408KJ-7JR Rangeman Earthwatch Limited Edition Inspired By Polar Bear

GW-9408KJ-7JR Specifications

List Price: ¥58,300 Size: 55.2 × 53.5 × 18.2 mm Weight: 93 grams
Structure: Resin case and bezel, resin band with carbon fiber insert, stainless steel band keeper, mineral glass
Protection: Shock Resistance, 200-meter Water Resistance Power: Tough Solar
Features: Multi-Band 6 auto time adjustment, Triple Sensor (altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer), world time (31 time zones, 48 cities + UTC, DST on/off), sunrise/sunset time, 1/100-second stopwatch (999:59’59.99” max, elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times), countdown timer (24 hours, settable in minutes and hours), 5 daily alarms with 1 snooze, hourly time signal, full auto LED backlight with adjustable afterglow, full auto-calendar, button tone on/off, 12/24-hour format

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