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Love the Sea and the Earth 2018 G-Shock and Baby-G Limited

Love The Sea And The Earth 2018 G-Shock GW-6902K-9JR Baby-G BGA-250AP-2AJR BGR-3008K-7JR ICERC and Aqua Planet Collaboration Watches

The Love The Sea And The Earth series for 2018 is arriving in Japan with the release of the G-Shock GW-6902K-9JR (middle), Baby-G BGA-250AP-2AJR (left), and Baby-G BGR-3008K-7JR (right). All three models feature unique styling and branding along with an exclusive Love The Sea And The Earth engraved case back and custom packaging. For the past four years the Rangeman GW-9400 was also part of the Love The Sea And The Earth collections as an Earthwatch collaboration but is curiously absent this year. We’re not sure what to make of that. We can’t imagine that the GW-9400 is being discontinued and would like to think it is being saved for some kind of 35th Anniversary edition, but that is pure speculation. Anyway, on to this year’s models…

Update: The Baby-G BGA-250AP-2A is also getting a wider release in Asia.

Love The Sea And The Earth 2018 G-Shock GW-6902K-9JR Baby-G BGA-250AP-2AJR BGR-3008K-7JR Bands

The G-Shock GW-6902K-9JR is a collaboration with I.C.E.R.C., the International Cetacean Education Research Center which supports the study of whales and dolphins. The GW-6902K-9JR features a black bezel and yellow bands with I.C.E.R.C. branding along with the whale logo that also appears on the EL backlight button and the EL backlight when activated. The GW-6902K-9JR also has Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 radio time syncing. List price is ¥24,000 JPY.

G-Shock GW-6902K-9JR

GW-6902K-9JR on Amazon GW-6902K-9JR on eBay

The Baby-G BGA-250AP-2AJR is a collaboration with Aqua Planet, who was also a partner for the G-Shock and Baby-G Coral Reef Series. Aqua Planet was founded by actress Ritsuko Tanaka and is dedicated to coral reef conservation and regeneration. The BGA-250AP-2AJR is based on the recent Baby-G BGA-250 series, an ocean-inspired analog-digital model with the Neon Illuminator light. The GA-250AP-2AJR features an Aqua Planet logo on the display along with a coral and fish symbol which is also seen on the custom bands. List price is ¥14,000 JPY.

Baby-G BGA-250AP-2AJR

BGA-250AP-2AJR on Amazon BGA-250AP-2AJR on eBay

The Baby-G BGR-3008K-7JR is another I.C.E.R.C. collaboration. This Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 model has a semi-translucent case and bands. It has a matte surface for a frosted look versus the jelly look of most translucent models. The BGR-3008K-7JR has a blue bezel and red, yellow, and green lettering on the dial. The bands are branded and the metal band keeper has a symbol of a dolphin on it that also appears on the EL backlight. List price is ¥22,000 JPY.

Baby-G BGR-3008K-7JR

BGR-3008K-7JR on Amazon BGR-3008K-7JR on eBay

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