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G-Shock Italy “Road to 40” Videos: A hint of what’s to come?

G-Shock Italy released two promo videos with the #GSHOCKROADTO40 hastag referencing the upcoming 40th Anniversary of G-Shock, with more videos to come. The first video features early models including the G-Shock DW-5000C (first-ever G-Shock), DW-5500C (first mud-resistant case), and AW-500 (first analog-digital display). The second video features advanced models with innovative features including the DW-6100 (thermometer), Frogman DW-6300 (ISO Diver’s 200M), DW-6500 (pressure sensor: altimeter and barometer), and MRG-100 (solid steel).

The focus on advanced models in the second video seems to suggest that we can expect more all-new Master of G models arriving soon. In a previous financial results briefing report, Casio revealed its “Plan to launch powerful new models next fiscal year ahead of 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK in 2023.” (“Next fiscal year” in this case is referring to the fiscal year starting April 1, 2022.) Though “powerful” could mean anything, we’d like to believe it is referring to the advanced features and sensors that Master of G watches are known for. There are rumors from credible sources that all-new Rangeman and Frogman models are coming soon. Although the 40th Anniversary takes place in 2023, G-Shock is expected to start celebrating it and begin releasing limited edition anniversary models this year.

G-Shock Powerful New Models Coming

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1 year ago

Looking forward to the updated Rangeman. Hope it is true, and hope it will be a real GW9400 sucesor.

1 year ago

All I I can say is “gimme!”
Can’t wait to see what treats Casio has in store for us.

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