G-Shock 2016 Gift Guide: Top Releases of the Year

Welcome to the G-Shock 2016 Gift Guide, where we showcase our favorite G-Shock releases of the year.


The Cool Blue and Solid Red Series kicked off the year and set the tone for many stylish G-Shock models that would follow.

GA110DC-1A GA110DC-2A GA110DC-2A7 G-Shock Denim Series

The G-Shock and Baby-G Denim Series was a good example of Casio’s continued development of textile-inspired pattern designs.

GA100MM-3A GA100MM-5A GA100MM-8A G-Shock Marble Camouflage Series

The Marble Camouflage Series used the unique marbled molding process first seen on the bands in the G-Shock Aurora Light Series and applied it to the bezel too with camouflage colors.

G-Shock Master of G Solid Red Series: GWN-1000RD-4A GWG-1000RD-4A GPW-1000RD-4A

The all-analog G-Shock Master of G Rescue Red Series was the first Master of G collection of the year.

G-Shock G-LIDE GAX-100

The surfing-inspired G-Shock G-LIDE GAX-100 Series was the first all-new model of the year and features a tide chart, moon graph, and thermometer sensor.


The G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000 was the year’s biggest release from a historical perspective. In addition to previous features, the Frogman now has a water depth meter, compass, thermometer, sapphire crystal, and carbon fiber insert band.

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000 Watches

The G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000 is a more affordable Mudmaster model with a Twin Sensor (compass and thermometer).

G-Shock Basic Black Series GXW-56BB-1JF, AW-591BB-1AJF, DW-6900BB-1JF, G-100BB-1AJF

The G-Shock Basic Black Out Series gave old school G-Shock fans exactly what they wanted.

GA-100L-1AJF GA-100L-2AJF GA-100L-4AJF GA-100L-7AJF GA-100L-8AJF

The G-Shock GA-100L Layered Band Military Color Series set a new trend with its mix-molded dual-layer bands.

G-Shock MRGG1000D-1A

The G-Shock MRG-G1000D-1A with GPS Hybrid timekeeping got a U.S. release in 2016, offering a top of the line G-Shock MR-G at a more affordable price.

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-S100G-1B and GST-S110BD-1B

The solar-powered G-Shock G-STEEL GST-S100G-1B and GST-S110BD-1B offer a classy look with an all-black color scheme.

G-Shock GA-110LP-1AJF GA-110LP-3AJF

The G-Shock GA-110LP Punching Pattern Series features matte colors with a dual-layer, perforated band inspired by mesh sportswear.

G-Shock Master In Desert Camouflage Mudman GW-9300DC-1J Rangeman GW-9400DCJ-1JF Mudmaster GWG-1000DC-1A5JF Master of G Series

The military-inspired G-Shock Master in Desert Camouflage Series was the first “Master in” collection and features our favorite Rangeman model of the year.

G-Shock Black and Red Series Bands DW-5600HR-1JF GW-6900HR-1JF GA-110HR-1AJF GA-400HR-1AJF

The G-Shock Black and Red Heritage Series includes several classic models with a two-tone layered band design inspired by sneaker fashion.

G-Shock Master in Navy Blue Frogman GWF-D1000NV-2JF Gulfmaster GWN-1000NV-2AJF GWN-Q1000NV-2AJF

The G-Shock Master in Navy Blue Series is another military-inspired Master of G collection that brings to mind the glory days of limited edition Frogman watches. It’s not slated for a U.S. release yet but hopefully that will change soon.

G-Shock GA-700 GA-700-1A GA-700-1B GA-700-4A

The G-Shock GA-700 Series is an all-new affordable analog-digital model with an extra-tough look, front-facing backlight button, and estimated 5-year battery life.

G-Shock GST-W110D-1A9

The gold-accented G-Shock G-STEEL GST-S110D-1A9 gives the G-STEEL an even more upscale look.

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