G-Shock U.K. appears to confirm upcoming ‘Clear Remix’ series for 40th Anniversary

G-Shock U.K. posted a teaser on its Instagram account with clues of an upcoming 40th Anniversary series. This series appears to be the RX Series that was recently leaked, and it is apparently named the Clear Remix Series.

A package titled “G-Shock Vault: Project CR” is labeled with a four-column table. The sections include “Eyes Only: 238,” “Star Circuits: In Development,” “Module Tests: Remain Successful,” and “Number: 5040564069401142140.” The “238” appears to suggest that the series is coming in August 2023 (2023-08). The “Star Circuits” likely refers to the parts on the circuit board that are marked with a four-star anniversary symbol (as seen in leaks), and the “Module Tests” part suggests that there is something unique about the modules. The long number reveals the models that will be in the series (DW-5040, DWE-5640, DW-6940, GA-114, GA-2140). One of the more clear-cut clues is the morse code seen by the “Confidential” writing, which spells out “CLEAR REMIX.”

The “*AUTHORIZED* KI sign off” is a nod to G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe, and “REPORT: 00001983” acknowledges the birth year of G-Shock. This teaser seems to suggest that the model names will include “CR” rather than “RX” as reported earlier, so we’ll see what it turns out to be. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t give any clues as to what the deal is with the bands and bezels of the DWE-5640, so that remains a mystery for now.

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John V
John V
3 months ago

The DW-6940 CR will go sold out in a matter of hours… Brings the memory back to the summer of ’85, to the release of the epical Swatch Gent Jelly Fish, exactly a decade before the DW-6900 was released and, regardless of that, this DW-6940 CR just looks great.

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