G-Shock U.S. is giving away G-Shock cuff links

G-Shock Cuff Links

G-Shock U.S. does a lot of giveaway contests that we don’t always write about, but this is the first time we’ve seen a giveaway for these cuff links that will match nicely with your MR-G, MT-G, or full metal G-Shock. The silver and black cuff links have a “G” logo on them, and it’s the round type of “G” seen on the front light button of the GD-400 and some DW-6900 models rather than the blocky “G.” G-Shock U.S. will be giving away twelve sets of these cuff links to lucky winners who subscribe to email or text message notifications during April. You can find the giveaway at the official G-Shock U.S. website. If it doesn’t pop up, look for the red “Enter To Win” link at the top left. It’s also possible to enter by social media (through forthcoming giveaway posts) or by text message. For more details, see the terms and conditions at G-Shock. The entry period ends on April 30 and the drawing will take place on May 15. The contest is open to U.S. residents.

Visit G-Shock U.S. Website (gshock.casio.com/us)

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1 year ago

This just feels tacky. It’s like needing a Ferrari duffle bag. Also, no one is going to see these and recognize they’re G-shock.

Jony kn
Jony kn
1 year ago

This gulf it’s old gift,I take 10 years ago in US

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