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Kikuo Ibe reddit Ask Me Anything from 2013


As we await more G-Shock news we’ll go back in time with Kikuo Ibe’s “Ask Me Anything” session from reddit in 2013. He used a translator and did not stay long but it was nice of the original G-Shock designer to make an online appearance for the brand’s 30th anniversary. It is evident that he still has a lot of passion for the brand and his work. Here is a summary of what he said:

  • There are no plans for more GW-5500 models.
  • G-Shocks are not specifically designed for military use but Ibe is glad the military supports them.
  • He only owns the first G-Shock and a DW5600, and he is glad people still like the 5600 models.
  • He was inspired to create the G-Shock after his father gave him a watch and he dropped and broke it.
  • Gekko Kamen and Shonen Jet were his heroes as a youngster.
  • The GX56 was discontinued.
  • There are no plans for a tough automatic/mechanical G-Shock.
  • He is very moved and grateful that the G-Shock has many celebrity fans.
  • He likes solar batteries because they are environmentally-friendly.
  • The design team consists of 20 people.
  • His top pick for a desert island watch is the Mudman GW9300.
  • His hobbies include jogging and growing organic vegetables.
  • He is interested in some Swiss watches and prefers those that are high quality but reasonably priced.
  • He emphasized linking with smartphones several times and seems enthusiastic about going in this direction.
  • source: I am Kikuo Ibe, the founding father of Casio’s G-SHOCK. Ask Me Anything!

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