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MTG-S1000 MT-G: The $1,000 G-Shock

The G-Shock Metal Twisted MT-G is currently the second most expensive G-Shock line with only the MR-G series above it. With a list price of $1,000, the MT-G makes the Frogman look affordable. The made-in-Japan MT-G got some attention recently at New York Fashion Week. The MTG-S1000 is a large watch measuring 58.6 x 53.5 x 15.5mm and weighing 188 grams. It is a mature, refined-looking G-Shock that adds sophistication while maintaining the brand’s legendary toughness. It’s the rare G-Shock that can match any outfit and occasion.

The MT-G features a stainless steel case and Triple G Resist meaning it is shock resistant, vibration resistant, and g-force resistant. Its unique Core Guard Structure has an Alpha Gel shock absorber It is an all-analog design with a seconds hand and 4 subdials along with the time and date. Features include 200m water resistance, quick set world time, chronograph, countdown timer, and alarm. The purely analog display gives the watch a more expensive and upscale look than the typical G-Shock. Operational control is intuitive with its Smart Access electronic crown. The watch also features Multi-Band 6 Wave Ceptor technology for automatic time-syncing and Tough Solar charging. The band is a layered composite with stainless steel on the outer band and a resin layer on the inner band for maximum strength and thermal-controlled comfort. It has a sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating and a hand polished bezel. The watch is manufactured at Casio’s renowned Yamagata factory in Japan where the MR-G is also produced.

The MT-G adds a new level of luxury to the G-Shock brand. Is it worth $1,000? It is if you want a luxury watch that has the legendary toughness and convenience of a G-Shock. The CEO of Casio’s Timepiece Division has said this watch will not just last a lifetime but for will last for “generations.” If that’s true then it justifies the price. If the MT-G is not quite prestigious enough, then you should consider the MRG-G1000.

The ion plated black MTGS1000BD-1 and the black/copper MTGS1000BD-5A retail for $1000, while the silver MTGS1000D-1A is $900.

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