Pro Trek PRG-240 continues with the PRG-240-3 and PRG-240-5

Casio Pro Trek PRG-240-3 and PRG-240-5

The Pro Trek PRG-240 is essentially a classic when it comes to Pro Trek watches. Released in 2010, it is from a time when Triple Sensor watches were the realm of Pro Trek (or Pathfinder in the U.S.), when Pro Trek was the Casio brand known for its large watches, and before G-Shock started getting in on the sensor action with lines like the Rangeman and Mudmaster. Though it’s been eclipsed in recent times by newer models equipped with the Triple Sensor Version 3 (which is said to be more power-efficient), the PRG-240 series is a fan-favorite that is still being produced and sold. (In the U.S., the PRG-240 is sold as the PAG240.) currently sells the PAG240-1, and Amazon sells the PAG-240B-2 with a blue case and cloth band and the PRG-240T-7 with a titanium band. Casio is reportedly releasing two new colorways soon: the PRG-240-3 and PRG-240-5.

The Casio Spain online shop confirms that the PRG-240-3ER and PRG-240-5ER are coming to Europe soon, with a list price of 199 EUR each. The PRG-240-3 has a green resin band, and the PRG-240-5 has a beige resin band.

The Tough Solar-powered PRG-240 has some unique features that keep it competitive with more recent models, such as a rotating bezel, dedicated one-touch buttons for the altitude, barometer/thermometer, and compass sensor measurements, sunrise/sunset time, and a duplex LCD display. Other features include 100-meter water resistance, world time, 1/100 second stopwatch (max 23:59’59.99” with split, 1st and 2nd place times), countdown timer (24 hours), 5 independent daily alarms, hourly time signal, battery level indicator, power saving function, and full auto EL backlight. The PRG-240 is large at 57.3 x 50.9 x 15.3 millimeters, but it is light at 65.4 grams (with resin band).

The most interesting feature for those accustomed to newer models is the duplex LCD. This is basically another LCD screen on top of the main one, which displays blue radial pointers. This display is most useful for indicating the directions in compass mode. The pointers can also refer to times or values on the 24-hour scale and barometric pressure graph surrounding the dial, for features like world time, sunrise/sunset time, and the barometer.

Update: Pro Trek Japan announced the PRG-240-3JF and PRG-240-5JF (27,000 JPY each plus tax) for a January 2021 release.

Update 2: Casio America released the PRG240-3 and PRG240-5 with a retail price of $280 each, now available at

Pro Trek PRG-240-3:

Pro Trek PRG-240-3

Pro Trek PRG-240-5:

Pro Trek PRG-240-5

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