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Pro Trek PRG-340SC-2 and PRG-340SC-5 with silicone bands (pre-orders available on Amazon)

Pro Trek PRG-340SC: PRG-340SC-2 and PRG-340SC-5 with Durosoft Silicone Band

Pro Trek is releasing two new PRG-340 models with Durosoft silicone bands. The affordable PRG-340 series features Tough Solar power, 100-meter water resistance, a rotary bezel, dual-layer LCD display, and the Triple Sensor with pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer), compass, and thermometer. The PRG-340SC models measure 54.7 x 51.7 x 15.1 millimeters and weigh 60 grams.

These PRG-340SC models are equipped with a Durasoft silicone band instead of the “soft urethane band” found on other PRG-340 models like the PRG-340-1 and PRG-340-3. The band includes recycled resin materials, and the case, bezel, and back cover are made with bio-based resins. The band has a unique camouflage-like appearance that is the result of using discarded resin in the base silicone material. The band also has a two-layer molding with a solid outer layer and a translucent inner layer.

In the United States, the PRG340SC-2 and PRG340SC-5 are currently available for pre-orders at Amazon for $250 each with a release date of April 1, 2024. The U.S. MSRP is expected to be a little higher than the $280 list price of the PRG340-1 and PRG340-3. (In Japan, the PRG-340SC-2JF and PRG-340SC-5JF have a tax-included price of 31,900 yen each.)

Pro Trek PRG-340SC-2:

Pro Trek PRG-340SC-2

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Pro Trek PRG-340SC-2 Rear

Pro Trek PRG-340SC-5:

Pro Trek PRG-340SC-5

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Pro Trek PRG-340SC-5 Rear

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