Pro Trek PRG-600YL-5 Synthetic Leather Band and Gold IP

Casio Pro Trek PRG-600YL-5JF with Synthetic Leather Band and Gold IP

The PRG-600 series was a welcome addition to the Casio Pro Trek family. Featuring a clean analog design, solar power, Triple Sensor, and STN LCD display, it is now on our list of best Pro Trek watches.

Japan is getting a new PRG-600 model for February 2017, the Pro Trek PRG-600YL-5JF. This model has an antique-style synthetic leather band and a stainless steel bezel with gold IP. This leather and gold styling gives the watch a classic outdoor look that can match a variety of attire. List price is ¥49,000 JPY.

The PRG-600 features 100-meter water resistance, luminous hands and markers, Tough Solar power, Triple Sensor Version 3 (altimeter/barometer, compass, thermometer), world time, stopwatch, timer, 5 alarms, double LED light (full auto with afterglow), 12/24 hour format, battery level meter, and low-temperature resistance.

Update: Casio has also announced the PRG-600YL-5 for a March 2017 release in Asia.

Update: Casio America is releasing this model as the PRG600Y-L with a list price of $330 USD.

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