Pro Trek PRW-7000-3 & PRW-7000-8 Earth Colors

Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000-3JF PRW-7000-8JF

Pro Trek Japan announced a pair of PRW-7000 watches for May 2017. The PRW-7000-3JF (left) and PRW-7000-8JF (right) have a stealthy tactical look featuring dark faces and earth colors. We’re getting a strong Metal Gear Solid vibe from the olive green and dark gray colors of this pair.

The Pro Trek PRW-7000 is a high-end analog-digital model designed for water activities. Major features include Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 radio sync timekeeping, 200-meter water resistance, Triple Sensor (altimeter-barometer, compass, and thermometer), STN LCD display, tide graph and moon age, fishing time function, carbon fiber insert band, and sapphire glass. The PRW-7000 series has been released in Japan, Asia, and Europe, but not North America yet.

Update: Casio also announced the PRW-7000-3 and PRW-7000-8 for a May release in Asia.

Pro Trek PRW-7000-3JF

The PRW-7000-3JF is a dark olive green with a dark gray bezel. List price is ¥82,000 JPY.

Pro Trek PRW-7000-3

Pro Trek PRW-7000-8JF

The PRW-7000-8JF is a dark gray with a black bezel. List price is ¥82,000 JPY.

Pro Trek PRW-7000-8

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