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The Best G-Shock Instagram Accounts

For our list of the best G-Shock Instagram accounts, we’re focusing on the ones from fans or official outlets featuring original content, rather than the major ones that most people already know about or the ones that mostly repost content from elsewhere. (We also suggest following the main official G-Shock Instagram accounts for your region, in order to get the latest announcements, see bottom of post.)

First there was Sjors, and now there is Kmho888, a G-Shock collector extraordinaire from Singapore. Kmho888 might have the most impressive collection of limited edition and collaboration watches out there, including some from China that we’ve never heard of.

Though more active on his popular YouTube channel, GShock Highfashion also has a nice Instagram featuring some unique photos.

G-Shock Soho NYC posts exclusive photos of the latest releases, and the store often hosts special events and releases NY-based collaborations.

Likewise, Gshocklondon also produces its own photos and hosts special events.

G-Shock Concept Store is an official shop in Hong Kong that posts unique photos, like this one for a G-Shock moon cake promotion.

Gshock_esparza is an official distributor in Spain that often posts interesting photos, like this one of the G-Shock wall clock.

Damian Loko, a.k.a. CoolpicsofG, specializes in outdoor shots but also mixes it up, like with this photo of a Neon Illuminator.

Another collector from Singapore, Gshocktoys has a lot of interesting collaborations and promo items on display.

Official G-Shock Instagram Accounts:
gshock_jp – Japan
gshock_casio_official – Asia
gshock_us – USA
gshock_us – Canada
gshock_uk – UK
gshock_sg – Singapore
gshockoz – Australia
gshockeu – Europe
gshock_in – India
gshock_middleeast – Middle East
gshockwomen – G-Shock Women (US)


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G-Shock Maniac
G-Shock Maniac
4 years ago


If I may ask, why didn’t you guys meantion my Insta account?
I post daily and have more followers than the accounts mentioned here.
Let me ad: Much respect to all IG accounts who did get meantioned.

Best regards G-Shock Maniac

G-Shock Maniac
G-Shock Maniac
4 years ago

Hi G-Central,
Now that makes sense.
Thank you for the fast reply.

I’m sorry for copying your writing.
And it is your good right to speak to me about that.
This happend because my hobby grew too fast.
I had problems keeping up.
And I want to apologize for that.

I was not aware you guys also use IG.
But I found it and follow you now.
I will try and be original or otherwise give a shout out to G-Central.

Please give all the people working at your office my personal
And if/when you ever feel like correcting me, or just contacting me, Please do…
I am only a hobbyist and do this pure out of my passion for the brand. I don’t want to harm you in any way.
I hope you are willing to accept that.

Greetings Harold

G-Central G-Shock Fan Site
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