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Hands-On Videos of G-Shock GM-2100 and Casio A100

The G-Shock GM-2100 is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, featuring a stainless steel octagonal bezel based on the bestselling GA-2100. The Casio A100 is a retro-revival model that is a metal version of the classic 1978 Casio F-100 seen in the movie “Alien.” YouTube channel Debajo del Reloj is one of the first to publish hands-on (or on-wrist) videos of the GM-2100 and Casio A100 launch models.

The GM-2100 is coming in August 2021 to Japan and Asia, and will also be released worldwide (with a U.S. list price of $200-$220). The Casio A100 is scheduled for an August release for around $90, but the exact details are not yet known.

G-Shock GM-2100 Video: 1. GM-2100-1A 2. GM-2100N-2A 3. GM-2100B-3A 4. GM-2100B-4A

Update: Thanks to Gary for informing us that Just One More Watch was the first to publish a hands-on video of the GM-2100 series, which is more in-depth than the first video.

Update 2: Debajo del Reloj released another video.

Casio A100 Videos:

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