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What G-Shock watch is ex-mercenary Marat Gabidullin wearing?

What G-Shock Rangeman is Marat Gabidullin wearing?

Former Russian soldier and mercenary Marat Gabidullin was in the news recently for being the first former Wagner Group member to speak out about the shadowy private military company. He recently published a book about his experience working for the mercenary outfit from 2015-2019 that was translated into French. He has also been vocal about his stance against Russia fighting on foreign soil. Gabidullin said he declined an offer to fight as a mercenary against Ukraine in 2022, and he now lives in France.

A recent Instagram post from @watchesofespionage shows Gabidullin posing for a May 2022 photoshoot wearing a G-Shock watch. The watch is the limited edition Rangeman GW-9400CMJ-3 from 2015. The watch is identifiable from its dark green color, positive LCD display, orange accents, and camouflage band. The GW-9400 is a best-selling model featuring Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, Triple Sensor, sunrise/sunset time, and mud resistance.

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2 years ago

Standard rangey with a bezel and strap mod? :D

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