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All G-Shock GR-B100 models have been discontinued

All models in the G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B100 series are now in “end of production” status and have been discontinued, according to G-Shock Japan. The GR-B100 series launched in 2018 and features Tough Solar power, Bluetooth smartphone link, and an STN LCD display. It also has some unique features like the flight log function, 5 multi-function alarms including daily, one-time, and schedule (time and date) modes, and countdown alarms to count down the remaining days and hours to a schedule alarm.

Other than the three launch models, the only other GR-B100 models were the black and gold GR-B100GB-1A and the white and brown GR-B100WLP-7A, a Love The Sea And The Earth collaboration with Wildlife Promising.

When all models of a certain series are discontinued like this, it usually means the end of the series. The Gravitymaster GR-B200 series is still active, which features Bluetooth smartphone link and a Quad Sensor (altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer, step counter).

Update: The black and orange GRB100-1A4 is available for $198 in the U.S. at outlet.casio.com.

All G-Shock GR-B200 models are in "End of Production" status

Image via G-Shock Japan, translated by Google Chrome

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1 year ago

not surprised at all.. they were lingering in sales based what I saw from the stores I went to look up for my Rangeman.

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