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G-Shock GR-B200 Gravitymaster has a Quad Sensor and Carbon Core Guard

G-Shock GR-B200 Gravitymaster has a Quad Sensor and Carbon Core Guard

The G-Shock GR-B200 Gravitymaster forgoes the solar power of the previous GR-B100 but adds a Carbon Core Guard structure, Quad Sensor with step tracker, and carbon fiber bezel. Announced for August 2020 in Japan, the debut models include the black GR-B200-1AJF, black and blue GR-B200-1A2JF, and black and red GR-B200-1A9JF (which appears to be more orange in candid shots), with a list price of 42,000 JPY each. (Update: Casio America also announced the GRB200-1A, GRB200-1A2, and GRB200-1A9 for September 2020, with a list price of US$350 each. The GR-B200-1A, GR-B200-1A2, and GR-B200-1A9 are also September 2020 releases in Asia.)

G-Shock GR-B200 Gravitymaster: GR-B200-1A GR-B200-1A2 GR-B200-1A9

The GR-B200 has a distinctive new look that is inspired by a helicopter control stick. All models have a carbon fiber bezel with a clear resin outer layer for protection. The new features are reminiscent of the GG-B100 Mudmaster and include a Quad Sensor with a pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer), compass, thermometer, and accelerometer for step counting. The GR-B200 also has sunrise/sunset time.

Combined with a Bluetooth-connected smartphone, the GR-B200 offers a Mission Log function that records altitude points from the watch and GPS points from the phone. The Calorie Consumption Display calculates data from the step counter and takes altitude measurement into account. The Location Indicator records a current location on the app, and the watch acts as a backtracking device by pointing to the location with the second hand and showing the distance on the LCD display. The watch automatically adjusts the time through the Bluetooth connection and has a phone finder function. The menu mode on the LCD display is customizable.

Other features include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, mineral glass with a spherical curved surface, 38-city world time (38 time zones, with auto DST, UTC, home time swap), 1/100-second stopwatch (1-second increments for one hour or more, 24 hour total, with split), 24-hour countdown timer, 5 alarms, and auto Super Illuminator dual LED lights with afterglow (1.5 or 3 seconds). The battery specifications were not listed, but we would expect it to be the same (approximately 2 years) as the GG-B100.

G-Shock GR-B200-1A: Black bezel and case, white markers, black resin band.

G-Shock GR-B200-1A Gravitymaster

GRB200-1A on Amazon GRB200-1A at Reeds GRB200-1A on eBay

G-Shock GR-B200-1A2: Black bezel and case, gray markers, blue resin band.

G-Shock GR-B200-1A2 Gravitymaster

GRB200-1A2 on Amazon GRB200-1A2 at Reeds GR-B200-1A2 on eBay

G-Shock GR-B200-1A9: Black bezel and case, red markers, orange resin band.

G-Shock GR-B200-1A9 Gravitymaster

GRB200-1A9 on Amazon GRB200-1A9 at Reeds GR-B200-1A9 on eBay

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