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Classic Basic Black G-Shock Series: 4 Retro Digital Watches

G-Shock Classic Basic Black Series November 2018

Casio is releasing the Classic Basic Black G-Shock series in November 2018 featuring four reverse-display digital watches with stealth bezels. The DW-5900BB-1JF is a surprise inclusion, based on the classic 1992 model known as the first “three-eyed” G-Shock and a precursor to the DW-6900. According to G-Shock.jp, the last DW-5900 model was released in 1993. Other unique entries include the round G-001BB-1JF based on the G-001 “Jason” model and the squarish DW-D5500BB-1JF inspired by the DW-5500, the first dust-and-mud-resistant G-Shock. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen new iterations of these two models. The DW-6900BBA-1JF rounds out the collection, which differs from the very similar DW-6900BB-1 by having silver buttons and a silver buckle.

The Classic Basic Black series is due for a November 2018 release in Japan. The DW-5900BB-1, DW-6900BBA-1, DW-D5500BB-1, and G-001BB-1 will also be released throughout the rest of Asia.

DW-D5500BB-1: 10-year battery life.

G-Shock DW-D5500BB-1

DW-D5500BB-1 on Amazon DW-D5500BB-1 on eBay

DW-5900BB-1: 5-year battery life.

G-Shock DW-5900BB-1

DW5900BB-1 on Amazon DW-5900BB-1 on eBay

DW-6900BBA-1: 2-year battery life.

G-Shock DW-6900BBA-1

DW-6900BBA-1JF on Amazon DW-6900BBA-1 on eBay

G-001BB-1: 7-year battery life.

G-Shock G-001BB-1

G001BB-1 on Amazon G-001BB-1 on eBay

Classic Basic Black G-Shock DW-D5500BB-1JF DW-5900BB-1JF DW-6900BBA-1JF G-001BB-1JF

Source: news.mynavi.jp

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