Colorful summer-themed G-Shock and Baby-G watches to be released internationally

G-Shock Beach Time Lapse Series

Announced to be released internationally in May are the G-Shock Beach Time Lapse Series with multi-hued vapor-deposited displays and the translucent and colorful Baby-G BGD-565SJ Series. The Time Lapse series includes three day-themed white models and three sunset-themed skeleton gray models with a multicolor vapor deposition applied to the glass, similar to the Iridescent Color Series from 2022, which gives the display a dynamic and changing appearance depending on the viewing angle and lighting. (The Time Lapse Series was not released in Japan and is expected to be released in the U.S. soon.)

Pictured Below: GA-110TL-7A (left, $140 U.S. GA110TL-7A), DW-5600TL-7 (center, $110 U.S. DW5600TL-7), GA-2100TL-7A (right, $110 U.S. GA2100TL-7A). Base Specs: DW-5600 (DW-5600TL/TLS has module 3525 with LED light), GA-110, GA-2100

G-Shock GA-110TL-7A, GA-110TL-7A, GA-2100TL-7A

DW-5600TLS-8 (left, $120 U.S. DW5600TLS-8), GA-110TLS-8A (middle, $150 U.S. GA110TLS-8A), GA-2100TLS-8A (right, $120 U.S. GA2100TLS-8A)

G-Shock DW-5600TLS-8, GA-110TLS-8A, GA-2100TLS-8A

The new Baby-G models include the blue BGD-565SJ-2, clear and pink BGD565SJ-7, and yellow BGD565SJ-9 with translucent bezels and bands. These models also have colored cases that can be seen through the bezels. The BGD-565 is smaller than the G-Shock GMD-S5600 and features shock resistance and 100-meter water resistance. The BGD-565SJ models measure 42.1 x 37.9 x 11.3 millimeters and fit wrist sizes from 125 to 180 millimeters. In the U.S., the BGD565SJ-2, BGD565SJ-7, and BGD565SJ-9 will have a price of $99 each.

Baby-G BGD-565SJ Series: BGD-565SJ-2, BGD-565SJ-7, BGD-565SJ-9

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