‘G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Complete Guide 2023’ book coming to Japan (not ‘Perfect Bible’)

'G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Complete Guide 2023' book

A new book titled “G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Complete Guide 2023” will be released in Japan on March 28, 2023, for 1,760 yen including tax. Although it is a magazine-book that looks similar in format to the “G-SHOCK Perfect Bible” publications that are usually released around anniversary celebrations, this book comes from a different publisher (G-Walk) than the Perfect Bible books (Gakken). At 112 pages, it is expected to include information on present and past G-Shock models. It is uncertain if it will be as comprehensive as the Perfect Bible books (which include a large catalog of past models dating back to the original G-Shock releases), but the “Complete Guide” title suggests that it will be comparable. (In comparison, the “G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Perfect Bible” was 122 pages.) This book was made under the supervision of G-Shock store G-Bridges and includes a store coupon.

Update: Customer reviews of the book on Amazon Japan have been very bad, and it’s been described as a price list with pictures. It is apparently not as good as the “G-Shock Perfect Bible” books of the past which include a listing of models since 1983 and brief descriptions of each model. We are still on the lookout for a new Perfect Bible book for the 40th Anniversary, but we’re not sure there will be one, as G-Shock has ramped up its online marketing efforts in recent years and has just made the past model archive available internationally. (Also evidence against it is that the 35th Anniversary Perfect Bible came in late 2017 before the year of the anniversary, and we are already in the 40th Anniversary year and G-Shock’s birth month of April with no sign of a new one.)

G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Complete Guide 2023 at www.amazon.co.jp

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1 year ago

nice but what about G-SHOCK Perfect Bible 40 ??
the 35 magasine they add more 3000 watche as i remember >?

1 year ago

did they sall it in official casio japan online ?? i mean real magazin not e-book
is there is a way to get bible 35 anniversary pdf free

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