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G-Shock AW-500/AWM-500 with Designer Kazuyo Kawashima

Casio published an insightful 10-minute AW-500/AWM-500 video featuring designer Kazuyo Kawashima, in which he discuses the design concept of the original AW-500 from 1989 and the development of the new full metal AWM-500 series. In addition to being more in-depth than the typical promotional video, the video also provides some nice closeup shots of the silver AWM-500 and its mirror and hairline finishes.

Despite its historical significance as the first G-Shock with an analog display, the AW-500 doesn’t have the same level of recognition and following as some of the other classic G-Shock watches. (The AWG-M500 and AWG-M510 models, though active in the 2010s, were mostly limited to Japan.) Regardless, the new AW-500 and AWM-500 are very functional watches with a unique minimalist style that is still appealing by today’s standards. The AWM-500, with its true to the original screw-back structure and made-in-Japan status, is another metalized G-Shock for collectors and watch enthusiasts to consider.

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