AW-500 and AWM-500: Revival of First Analog G-Shock Watch and Full Metal Screw-Back Edition

G-SHOCK AW-500 and Full Metal AWM-500 Series for 2020

Casio officially announced the revival of the G-Shock AW-500 series, along with a full metal version, the AWM-500 (with Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, and screw-back case). The AW-500, released in 1989, was the first-ever G-Shock with an analog display, and it was the origin of G-Shock’s analog-digital style with a combination analog and LCD display. The same case was also used for the AW-582 and AWG-M500/510 series, and it was last seen as the Japan-only AWG-M535C-4AJR during the 35th Anniversary in 2018.

The new AW-500 looks like the original AW-500, with the same style of resin bezel and band, analog hands, and LCD display. One notable difference is that the hands are now completely centered on the dial, whereas they were slightly above the midpoint on the original. Also, the original had a screw-back case like the DW-5000C, but the new AW-500 does not. (The full metal AWM-500 below does have a screw-back.) Upgrades for the new AW-500 include a new module (5416), Neobrite luminous hands, an expanded 24-hour stopwatch (1/100-second up to 59’59″99, 1-second after 1:00’00”), EL backlight (for the LCD display, with afterglow), and a battery life of 7 years (which ties the GA-900 for the longest battery life of a non-solar analog-digital G-Shock). Other features include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, dual time, alarm, 12/24-hour time mode, and full auto calendar. Unlike most G-Shock watches, the AW-500 does not have a countdown timer. The AW-500 measures 55.2 x 47.7 x 14.7 millimeters and weighs 58 grams.

AW 500 EL Backlight

The new AW-500 series will include the black AW-500BB-1E, the red AW-500BB-4E, and the origin style AW-500E-1E. The AW-500BB-1E and AW-500BB-4E have inverted LCD displays.


The AWM-500 is much more than just a metalized version of the new AW-500. In addition to a stainless steel case and band, it uses a different module (5640) with Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 radio time-sync, and it has a DLC-coated screw-back case. The bezel features both hairline and mirror finishes. Like the GMW-B5000, the AWM-500 has the distinction of being made in Japan. Other features include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, Neobrite luminous hands, hand shift function, world time (48 cities, 31 time zones with DST setting, + UTC), 1/100-second stopwatch (60 minutes, with split), countdown timer (100 minutes, settable in 1-second units), 5 alarms, hourly time signal, battery level indicator, power saving function, full auto calendar, 12/24-hour time mode, button operation sound on/off, and full auto dual LED Super Illuminator lights (with 1.5/3-second afterglow). The AWM-500 measures 51.8 x 44.5 x 14.2 millimeters and weighs 175 grams. It is smaller than the new AW-500, in order to keep the extra weight to a reasonable amount. Unlike the AW-500, the AWM-500 has the hand shift feature, which will move the hands in a position away from the LCD display for an unobstructed view.

The AWM-500 series will launch with the AWM-500D-1A (silver with black dial), AWM-500D-1A8 (silver with silver dial), and AWM-500GD-9A (gold IP with black dial). All three have standard non-inverted LCD displays.


The new AW-500 and AWM-500 series will be released on November 20, 2020, in Japan. Both series were also announced for the rest of Asia, with possibly more regions to follow. The pre-tax prices in Japan are as follows:
AW-500BB-1EJF (13,000 JPY), AW-500BB-4EJF (13,000 JPY), AW-500E-1EJF (13,000 JPY)
AWM-500D-1AJF (60,000 JPY), AWM-500D-1A8JF (60,000 JPY), AWM-500GD-9AJF (68,000 JPY)

The AW-500 and AWM-500 series will also be released in other Asian countries in November 2020.

Casio released an online brochure for the new AW-500 and AWM-500 series at

Update: G-Shock U.S. is releasing the silver with black dial AWM500D-1A and the gold AWM500GD-9A with list prices of $500 and $550, respectively.

G-Shock AWM-500D-1A: Silver stainless steel bezel and band with black dial.


G-Shock AWM-500D-1AJF Photo

G-Shock AWM-500D-1A8: Silver stainless steel bezel and band with silver dial.


Photo AWM-500D-1A8JF Photo

G-Shock AWM-500GD-9A: Gold IP stainless steel bezel and band with black dial.


G-Shock AWM-500GD-9AJF Photo

G-Shock AW-500BB-1E: Black resin bezel and band with black dial.


G-Shock AW-500BB-4E: Red resin bezel and band with red dial.


G-Shock AW-500E-1E: Black resin bezel and band with dial inspired by the original AW-500-1E.


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2 years ago

The steel ones look great.

2 years ago

I’m crazy for screwbacks, but that’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.

2 years ago

I’m not really into ani-digi G-Shocks, but I think I’m going to have to grab at least the black resin (of course) and one of the steels

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