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Jahan Loh’s “I Have Seen The Future” with G-Shock GM-2100

Singaporean artist Jahan Loh released a new anime-style video featuring the G-Shock GM-2100. The video, titled “I Have Seen The Future,” sees Loh’s recurring spaceman character infiltrate a spacecraft and then go to Singapore to plant a super tree in the ground. The spaceman wears the G-Shock GM-2100B-4A featuring a stainless steel bezel with a dark gray ion plating and a red dial. The video is a continuation of Loh’s “There Is No Planet B” series that also includes videos for the GM-6900 and GM-110 (video links).

Loh is a frequent collaborator with G-Shock and has designed several high profile limited edition watches, including series such as the The Savage Five. For more information on Jahan Loh and the GM-2100 series in Singapore, visit gshock.casio.com/sg.

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