G-Shock GA-110LS-1A and GA-110LS-7A

Listed at G-shock.co.uk as “coming soon,” the GA-110LS-1AER and GA-110LS-7AER are already available in Europe from some Spanish retailers.

These colorful models have frosted translucent cases with colored inner cases for a uniquely vibrant style. The GA-110LS-1A is blackish with an orange inner case, orange accents, and a reverse LCD display. The GA-110LS-7A is whitish with a yellow inner case, lime green buttons, neon green accents, and a standard LCD display. These two models have only been spotted on European sites so far.

Update: G-Shock Japan is releasing the GA-110LS-1AJF and GA-110LS-7AJF in June 2020 for 16,000 JPY each.

For shopping links, see G-Shock Color Skeleton Series with Fluorescent Accents.

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